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Enrique Triana

2014 Water Leaders Alumni

My name is Enrique Triana. I grew up in Colombia, in a small town outside of Bogotá. I played different sports, including soccer, for my school, and ping pong and volleyball for my city teams.   Although I enjoyed playing sports and had opportunity to try out for the state's volleyball team as setter, I found my passion in engineering. I attended the Colombian school of engineering (ECI), and graduated in Civil Engineering in 1995. On my senior year, I was selected to participate in a program to enroll young professionals for academic careers at the engineering school, so I worked as teaching assistant in physics and hydraulics. After graduation I took a faculty position at the ECI as associate instructor in the Hydraulic Studies Center, where for a couple of years taught basic engineering classes and worked in projects involving computer modeling and programming.

Computer modeling and programming would become my hidden passion that would influence many of my career moves over the following years.  I traveled to the U.S. to obtain a Master's degree in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University, where I had a blast enhancing my skills in computer modeling through the work for several classes and working on the development of a graphical user interface for an optimization software package.

After my experience in the U.S., I returned to the ECI taking another faculty position for a couple years. Short after, I got married to my college love, Marcela, who would become my biggest supporter, best friend and life companion.  Living comfortable and both Marcela and I working at the ECI, we decided to make a bold move, taking an opportunity to work on water resources planning and management research an pursuit a doctorate degree back at Colorado State University.  This would be a longer term opportunity with not a clear road ahead, but would allow more hands on state-of-the-art technology and open up opportunities in the future.  Selling our few possessions and carrying few suitcases with us, we started a new life in Northern Colorado in 2001. 

Within few years of living in Fort Collins, we grew our family when we had our oldest son Mateo and couple of years later our youngest Felipe completed our family.  The kids transformed our live and focus.  With Marcela dedicated to the kids and I enjoying the challenges and opportunities of my position at Colorado State University, the new life started to feel like home.  Part of my responsibilities were development and maintenance of MODSIM, a water resources planning model, which lined up very well with my interests and passion and provided many opportunities that would shape my next career moves.  In MODSIM related projects, I worked on projects and provided training in Colorado, California and Korea.  

When finishing up the doctorate program, it was time to make a decision about the direction of my career.  Although I had enjoyed my teaching time at ECI, I was not ready to continue my career focused on teaching.  By then I had realized the influence that computer programming plays in my way of thinking and problem solving skills.  Thus I took a position with Boyle Engineering, in the engineering consulting world, looking for opportunities to combine my education and experience in water resources planning with computer modeling and programming to solve challenging problems.  After years of great experiences and the acquisition of Boyle by AECOM, I took a position at MWH as Lead Water Resources Engineer with more responsibilities and greater challenges.    During my time in consulting I have worked mainly in water supply planning projects and environmental impact statements for municipal and industrial clients. Currently, I co-lead the MWH water resources group in the Colorado Front Range and provide water supply planning support for several municipalities in the area, including Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Aurora.

1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218