Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Paying for Colorado's Water Future
What are toxic algal blooms? What causes cyanotoxins? And how are Coloradans reducing and monitoring for algae growth and reducing nutrient nonpoint source pollution from agriculture? Listen to the recording of this April 2017 webinar to explore these topics. With speakers: Steve Lundt, Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association; and Troy Bauder, Colorado State University Extension. Check out the Public Health issue of Headwaters magazine for accompanying content.

Paying for Colorado's Water Future
Where will Colorado find the billions of dollars necessary to fund its water future and pay for what's ahead? Listen to the recording of this August 2016 webinar to explore the promising funding options available to pay for Colorado's water future. Learn about the gap in funding needed for the future and dive into financing options to fill that gap through partnerships, venture capital, and philanthropy. With speakers: Eric Hecox, South Metro Water Supply Authority; Ben McConahey, Hydro Venture Partners; and April Montgomery, the Telluride Foundation and CWCB Board. Offered in partnership by the Colorado Foundation for Water Education and Colorado Water Congress with support from CoBank and the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Check out the Economics issue of Headwaters magazine for accompanying content.

Managing the Colorado River in the 21st Century: Shared Risks and Collaborative Solutions

Through this April 2016 webinar, offered by CFWE in partnership with CoBank, hear about pressing water supply challenges on the over-allocated Colorado River system as well as collaborative efforts underway as we race toward solutions. View an accompanying report, the Colorado Basin issue of Headwaters magazine and access a recording of the webinar, or download a PDF of the slides here

Agriculture and Water Scarcity: Managing Groundwater Declines
Water is an essential ingredient for productive agriculture, but not always easy to come by in semi-arid Colorado. During this December 2015 webinar, presented in partnership with CoBank, with support from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, we heard about state administration as well as locally guided efforts to address the legal threats of well shut-downs and physical limits of shrinking aquifers. View the accompanying report and listen to this recording of the webinar with speakers Kevin Rein, Sheldon Rockey, and Deb Daniel if you missed it. 

Transbasin Diversions
changing perceptionsIn partnership with the Colorado Water Congress, CFWE offered a series of three webinars focused on Colorado's transbasin diversions during late 2014 and early 2015. With a diverse range of panelists and presenters, the webinars pulled from and expanded on our Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Transbasin Diversions. To revisit these webinars, visit the Colorado Water Congress' archive to watch anytime.