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When it comes to water, Colorado's kids can expect to face a challenging future. A growing population and increasing demand may mean difficult trade-offs. That's one reason educators and policy-makers say it's critical to teach young people about water management. As part of "Connecting the Drops" Sam Fuqua visited two water education programs to see how they're handling this complicated topic.  

St Marys kid at stream 

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Keystone kids wBugs web
Keystone Science School instructor Kristen Greenwald helps students put the aquatic macroinvertebrates they found in a nearby stream into an ice cube tray for identification. 
St Marys kid at stream
A student from St. Mary's School in Denver reaches for a rock in a stream near Breckenridge, CO. The students were looking for aquatic bugs as part of a lesson on stream health taught by the Keystone Science School. 

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