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Colorado's Water Plan


It's been over a year since Gov. Hickenlooper issued an executive order calling for the creation of a state water plan. It won't be a legal document, but the plan is expected to make recommendations that will guide future water planning and funding decisions. The process is well underway...with a deadline to deliver a draft plan by this December. As part of our radio series "Connecting the Drops" in partnership with Rocky Mountain Community Radio, Sam Fuqua brings us this update on  the Colorado Water Plan:


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mcphee sunset
Sunset at McPhee Reservoir near Cortez. The reservoir provides crucial irrigation and municipal water to the Four Corners region.
cracked mcphee wgrass
Grass sprouts in the cracked shoreline of McPhee Reservoir. The reservoir levels are up this year but still only 75-80 percent of average. Drought conditions are one of the key drivers of the effort to create a state water plan. 
mcphee 1
Irrigation water rushes through an outlet at McPhee Reservoir. Water stored at the reservoir allowed the Dolores Water Conservancy District to service over 61,000 acres through a system of canals and tunnels. The Southwest Basin Roundtable is helping find common ground between agricultural and environmental wishes. 

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