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Water Conservation Statewide Call-In Show


The 5th Connecting the Drops statewide call-in show focused on water conservation and aired live on Sunday June 5, 2016 with guests and hosts at KGNU and KDNK. Brent Gardner-Smith with Aspen Journalism was the host at KDNK in Carbondale with guest April Long, an engineer and the clean river program manager for the city of Aspen. Maeve Conran was the host at KGNU with guest Peter Mayer, a water conservation engineer who prepared water conservation plans for communities in the Roaring Fork Valley in 2014 including Carbondale, Aspen, and Glenwood Springs. He also co-authored a new study: "Residential End Uses of Water, Version 2." Hear about the connections between stormwater and water conservation, hot topics like rainwater capture, standards in water conservation and much more. 


CTD 6-16petermayerwithmaeveinstudio 
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Aspen Journalism's Brent Gardner-Smith hosts April Long, clean river program manager for the City of Aspen
in the KDNK studio.
Peter Mayer in the KGNU studio with Maeve Conran.

Connecting the Drops Partners

Connecting the Drops is a radio collaboration between Water Education Colorado and Colorado Community Radio Stations KGNU, KDNK and KRCC.


 Support for 2017 programming comes from CoBank

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