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Monitoring for lead in schools


When cost-cutting in Flint, Michigan raised lead contamination in local drinking water, the nation became aware that water can corrode pipes and carry dangerous amounts of lead. The failures in Flint may result in stronger rules nationwide for monitoring home drinking water. But schools are not part of these public tests. That's why Colorado legislators are proposing a bill to help more Colorado schools pay for testing lead in their drinking water. Meanwhile, some Colorado schools have taken on the cost themselves. For Connecting the Drops, Shelley Schlender reports. 

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School Drinking Water - 8web
Aram is in 4th grade at Jefferson County's Stober Elementary. 
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Aram has a favorite water fountain where the water is coldest. 

School Drinking Water - Colorado Chief of Epidemiology Mike Van Dykeweb
Colorado chief of epidemiology Mike Van Dyke
School Drinking Water - JeffCo Schools Enivornmental Services Director Kim MacDonnellweb
JeffCo Schools Environmental Services Director, Kim MacDonnell
School Drinking Water - Most Popular Drinking Fountainweb
The most popular drinking water fountain
School Drinking Water - Water Filtration Plants Assure Water is Clean and Safeweb
Drinking water treatment plants make sure water is clean and safe for public health.

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