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Bringing you the quality water information you crave, over Colorado's radio airwaves and online. Our regular programming will complement what you're reading in Headwaters magazine and in the news.

Energy-Water Nexus Call-In Show

Water and Energy was the topic of the second statewide call-in program associated with Connecting the Drops. Host Maeve Conran spoke with experts: Ken Carlson a Colorado State University professor and the director of the Center for Energy Water Sustainability at CSU; Kent Holsinger, an attorney; Sloan Shoemaker, head of the Western Slope conservation group Wildnress Workshop. Listen to the complete program:

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Colorado's Water Plan Call-In Show


In May 2013, Governor Hickenlooper issued an Executive Order directing the Colorado Water Conservation Board to develop Colorado's Water Plan-- a roadmap for Colorado's water future. Hear about the work that has been done to put together the plan and various questions about it. During this panel discussion and call-in show, hear from director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, James Eklund; Chair of the South Platte Basin Roundtable, Sean Cronin; and Abby Burk with the Western Rivers Action Network.

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Water and Electricity


It takes water to produce electricity, but just how much? The amount varies depending on the fuel source and power generating technology. Listen to this segment of Connecting the Drops to hear about the critical role of water in keeping electricity flowing through the grid:
water withdrawals in co graphic 
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Shoshone-- Hydropower on the Colorado River


A complex series of agreements govern the distribution of water throughout the state. Along the Colorado River, farms, cities and towns, and the recreation industry are all big players... but everyone takes a backseat to the tiny hydroelectric plant that's over 100 years old. In the next of our year-long Connecting the Drops series, we take a look at the Shoshone Generating Station and the critical role it plays on the Upper Colorado:
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Buy & Dry in Colorado Agriculture


Turn on the tap in your home, particularly if you're in a city along Colorado's Front Range, and there's a good chance that the water flowing out used to belong to a farm. Buy and dry-- the practice of transferring agricultural water rights to thirsty cities and municipalities. What is the impact on farms in the state? What are the alternatives?

Carver Ranch 
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The Colorado River Statewide Call-In Show

On Sunday September 15, after a weekend of flooding, stations KGNU, KRCC and KDNK worked with us to produce a live call-in show on the Colorado River. During this hour-long program, listeners heard from and spoke with experts: Jim Pokrandt with the Colorado River District, Taylor Hawes with The Nature Conservancy, and Wayne Vandershuere with Colorado Springs Utilities.

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Rethinking Reservoirs


All around Colorado new collaborations are emerging around water storage and water use. From Steamboat Springs to the San Luis Valley, different water interests are working together to increase flow in rivers and streams, benefiting local economies, local water tables and aquatic life.

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Shrinking Aquifers


The agricultural economy in the San Luis Valley depends on groundwater aquifers to provide a significant and dependable water supply but those aquifers are being depleted faster than they can be recharged. Farmers in the Valley face an uncertain future and are racing to implement a plan that will balance and recover this vital resource.

 Shriver CDA
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