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Climate and Drought

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Why does the South Platte Water Related Activities Program support Water Education Colorado?

Water Education Colorado is a well-supported organization that provides education on water matters around the state.  Member dues go to very credible programs and materials such as their Headwaters Magazine, Citizens Guides and various on-line resources.

Why is water resources education important?

Water is critical to life.  It is good for people to know where their water comes from and all the work that goes into getting water delivered to their taps and the issues surrounding the availability and delivery of water.

What does SPWRAP do?

SPWRAP is a Colorado nonprofit corporation established by Colorado water users for the purpose of representing water users' interests and partnering with the State of Colorado to implement the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program in central Nebraska.

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WEco Climate Resources

Guide to Colorado Climate Change presents a range of contemporary climate change information written by experts. Take a look.

Water 101 Sheets are one-page references available for download and distribution. Explore the basics of drought, and wildfire or read various water conservation tips through a series of fact sheets. Interested in additional resources? Find them herefact_sheetsClimate Workshop
Participants tour the National Ice Core Lab, hear how researchers study climate and what that means locally. Learn more.

Connecting the Drops Radio

Listen to a radio feature on climate change's effects on Colorado farmers, spring runoff, and irrigation.

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