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Headwaters Fall 2004--San Juan/Dolores Basins

Headwaters magazineRead feature articles on Southwestern Colorado below or view the full issue online by flipping through or downloading the magazine.

Watermarks--Letter from the Editor

Each year, Headwaters selects one river basin to explore in depth, giving readers insight not only into the area's major river systems, but also local land use, environmental issues, water rights and storage, recreation, growth, and the people who manage and monitor the area's water resources. For our basin focus this fall, the Foundation selected the Dolores and San Juan River Basins of southwest Colorado.

Read more: Watermarks--Letter from the Editor

State Legislators Get a Water-Wise Tour of Southwestern Colorado

Denver, CO—In August, members of the Colorado Legislature's Water Resources Review Committee, and other members of the public, participated in a four-day bus tour of the San Juan and Dolores basins. Previously an interim committee, the now permanent 10-person committee is co-chaired by Senator Lewis H. Entz and Representative Diane Hoppe.

Read more: State Legislators Get a Water-Wise Tour of Southwestern Colorado

Don't Forget: October 18 is World Water Quality Monitoring Day

On October 18, volunteer monitoring groups, water quality agencies, students, and the general public are invited to join together to take an instant snap shot of the world's water quality. Four key indicators of water quality should be monitored: temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity.

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Teaching the Poetry of Rivers

The Foundation for Water Education recently released a new online program for teachers called Teaching the Poetry of Rivers. The program provides free online lesson plans addressing the interdisciplinary study of watersheds and poetry, and assists students to develop submissions to the River of Words Poetry Contest. The program is currently accepting teachers to implement and review its preliminary version.

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Colorado's Newest Water Storage Project is Taking Shape

Animas-La Plata is Colorado's most recent federally-funded water storage project. In fact, ALP's Ridges Basin Dam, now under construction just south of Durango, is the only dam in the nation the Bureau of Reclamation is currently building ‘from the ground up.’

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Focus on SouthWestern Colorado

Two major river systems define southwestern Colorado: the San Juan and Dolores.

Read more: Focus on SouthWestern Colorado

Dry Wells in La Plata County

By Cris Meyer

Naturally limited water resources, drought and growth team up to send southern La Plata County on the hunt for new water supplies

Wells are going dry in La Plata County. And even though the Animas-La Plata Project currently under construction just outside Durango will be dedicated exclusively to tribal and municipal water use, it will not satisfy all of the county's demands for potable drinking water.

Read more: Dry Wells in La Plata County

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Water Law Resources

Guide to Colorado Water Law explores the basics of Colorado water law--learn how it has developed and how it is applied today. This, WEco's most popular Citizen's Guide, was authored by Colorado Supreme Court Justice, and WEco Board Vice President, Gregory Hobbs. Take a look or purchase a copy.


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