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Water Law

Headwaters Spring 2004

Headwaters magazine

Changing Times, Changing Uses

The spring issue of Headwaters investigates how water use in Colorado has changed over the years.  A series of vignettes give us a glimpse into the past, as well as current and future challenges faced by major water use sectors in the state - industry, agriculture, recreation, environment, and municipal.

Flip through or view the online issue.

Water Law Resources

Guide to Colorado Water Law explores the basics of Colorado water law--learn how it has developed and how it is applied today. This, WEco's most popular Citizen's Guide, was authored by Colorado Supreme Court Justice, and WEco Board Vice President, Gregory Hobbs. Take a look or purchase a copy.


Law Supplement Headwaters magazine a special edition of Headwaters that provides an in-depth look at Colorado water law. Browse the magazine to supplement our Citizen's Guide and your knowledge. View it here

Administration Headwaters magazine read how enforcing the law in our water-scarce state can get tricky and meet the men and women who allocate Colorado's most precious resource. Browse the issue here.

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