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Why does the Rio Grande Water Conservation District support Water Education Colorado?

The RGWCD supports the Water Education Colorado because it is a first class organization that reports factual, concise and accurate information in its publications on water.  It also provides many other venues to relate that information and other educational activities to the general public.

Why is water resources education important?

Water education is important because so few people know about how water is used in this state nor where their water supplies come from or how they are administered.  It is so important to have the general public informed about water so we can collectively know how to protect it and have the support we need from the public to insure our system is preserved.

What does the RGWCD do?

The RGWCD’s mission is to develop, enhance and protect the waters of the Rio Grande Basin.  The District is heavily involved in Groundwater management, Compact compliance, lobbying for good legislation and involved in litigation to insure vested water rights are protected.  The District is also the local sponsor for a large water salvage project with the US Bureau of Reclamation to help Colorado meet its Compact obligations to downstream states.

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Rio Grande Water Conservation District
10900 East Hwy 160
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1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
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