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Water Leadership

Water protection and management is a complex process that involves a number of tradeoffs. Water Education Colorado strives to provide decision-makers at all levels with the tools and experiences needed to make increasingly informed water resource decisions. We believe that our local and state leaders must have access to balanced and accurate information to take responsible action. Visit the following pages to learn how Water Education Colorado is contributing to timely and accurate water education processes in Colorado.

Water Leaders Program

Water Fluency Course

Water Educator Network

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Water Leaders Alumni

Some information about our wonderful water leader alumni!

As an Alumni of CFWE's Water Leaders course, you have developed connections with people throughout the state. Participants in the program come from a wide variety of water related professions and bring many different types and levels of expertise. CFWE would like the Water Leaders Alumni to continue sharing their knowledge with each other through hosting education tours, events, and seminars. CFWE is providing this website for water leaders to use to keep in contact with each other and to work together to further Alumni involvement in Colorado water resources.

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