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Why does the South Metro Water Supply Authority (SMWSA) support Water Education Colorado?

SMSWA is an organization of many different water providers whose aim is to provide a secure and sustainable water future for our region, and we believe that partnerships, investment, efficiency, and education are key elements to achieving that goal. We feel that Water Education Colorado does a phenomenal job in bringing different points of view and accurate information to the table to create a better understanding of the water resource challenges we face throughout the state.

Why is water resources education important?

When we know more, we do better. Not only does clear, accurate information from multiple sources help policy-makers and other leaders make better decisions that affect every Coloradan, but water resources education is also important so that each individual can make informed choices in their everyday lives. They can be responsible stewards of this precious, limited resource. In other words, water education for everyone is a significant factor in the ultimate success of our communities, businesses, and families for generations to come.

What does SMWSA do?

When South Metro Water Supply Authority was founded in 2004, the idea was simple:  bring the many smaller water entities in south Denver together to create a regional water authority.

Today, our 13 water provider members serve about 80% of Douglas County and 10% of Arapahoe County residents. Together we are executing a plan to provide a secure and sustainable water future for the region. Through regional partnerships, a constant eye toward conservation and efficiency, and sound investments in water projects, we are transforming the region’s water supply and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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South Metro Water Supply Authority
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