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Ground Water Atlas of Colorado

Upon initial approach the Ground Water Atlas of Colorado appears to need its own easel, like the giant dictionary at the library. Leafing through the oversized pages, the reader is in for a nice surprise. Full-color photos and attractive maps make this atlas easy to follow.


The key word to remember is atlas. There's barely a page without a map, picture, or diagram. Important features of Colorado's varied geology and hydrology are presented using a multitude of statewide and regional graphics.

Produced by the Colorado Geological Survey, this large-format book provides basic and detailed information about Colorado's ground water. While topics such as alluvial, sedimentary rock and mountainous rock aquifers comprise most of the book, sections about water law and hydrogeology help round out the information. Intended for policy makers, students, and water professionals, the atlas is easily accessible to the general public as an educational resource.

Ground Water Atlas of Colorado is available directly from the Colorado Geological Survey for $40. Call 303.866.2611 to order, or visit their website at http://geosurvey.state.co.us.
1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218