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Headwaters magazineRead feature articles on the 2002 drought below or view the magazine online by flipping through or downloading the issue.

Water for the Anasazi

Forget the idea that 19th century Hispanic and Anglo settlers built the first water supply ditches and reservoirs in Colorado.

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Colorado Drought

Drier than the left husks
of last year's corn, drier than dead lichen,
air carries death to leaves,
a red dream burning stem and flower
with its flare.

Overtaken by air's fire,
the greens turn brown, then browner.
Wind sears the afternoon,
twisting the yuccas on hillcrests
while the mountains melt.

In fear of their homes,
people gather in restless circles
and the earth bakes hard.
In the hush of noon, the sun lets down
its terrible streamers.

— Mary Crow

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Colorado Water Resources Poster

Recently revised, the Colorado: the Headwaters State poster provides an eye-catching summary of the major surface waters in the state, including lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Illustrations show how precipitation varies across the state, from less than 12 inches on the plains to more than 45 inches in the mountains. Other graphics trace the state's history of drought and flood over the last 100 years. Statewide water use percentages show how water is divided between agriculture, commerce and industry, municipal, and other uses. Non-consumptive uses of water such as recreation and aquatic habitat are also highlighted.

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