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Headwaters magazineWinter 2009: The South Platte Basin

In this edition of Headwaters, Water Education Colorado explores the South Platte basin.  The river supplies our largest cities and highest producing ag counties. To make it happen, trans-mountain diversions provide flows that almost equal the amount of water that leaves the state. Agriculturists and economists look at the future of farming and ranching in Colorado - they're changing, along with the river and the state.

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2008 South Platte Tour

The Colorado Foundation for Water Education conducted its annual river basin tour, two days focused on the South Platte Basin. Eighty-four attendees from diverse backgrounds, many of whom have a stake in the river's future, visited different places along the river, listened to the speakers and formed their own opinions about the myriad water administration issues of the basin.

The tour began at the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District's Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility. Metro officials Barbara Biggs and Steve Frank discussed the wastewater reclamation process and incumbent challenges of servicing 1.6 million people from 45 water and sanitation districts.

Tour participants learned about several issues of importance to the basin. From regulatory issues such as calls on the river, to large projects like the Arkansas Valley Super Ditch and the Tamarack project, the tour served as an introduction into the inner workings of the South Platte.

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 Scott Hummer

View photos and listen to Water Commissioners Scott Hummer and Brent Schantz describe their work.

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