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Headwaters magazineThe Source of All Law — the Customs and Values of the People

These Colorado Supreme Court water decisions arose from actual facts and conflicts and thus provide windows into a shared community experience. You might look upon them as vessels floating on the currents of precedent flowing from the source of all law—i.e. the evolving customs and values of the people; or perhaps as new wine being poured into vintage water skins.

Join me, if you will, in identifying these currents, these vessels, this process of alchemy.

—Justice Greg Hobbs

Explore Colorado water law by reading feature articles below, flipping through, or downloading the online version of Headwaters.

A Decade of Colorado Supreme Court Water Decisions: 1996-2006

By Justice Greg Hobbs

Colorado, like other western states, is experiencing rapid urbanization and increased expectations for use of its limited water supply. In 1970 Colorado's population stood at about 2 million people. Today, Colorado's population is about 4.6 million and rising. By 2030, 2.5 million more people may be living in the state.

Approximately 1 million acres of farm ground have yielded to urbanization in the past 10 years.

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Watermarks--Letter from the Editor

This special edition of the Headwaters magazine marks the beginning of a new initiative for the Colorado Foundation for Water Education. In addition to our quarterly Headwaters and our Citizen's Guides on select topics, the Foundation will now publish, from time to time, special editions of the Headwaters that provide a more in-depth focus on a single water issue.

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