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Kim Raby

2013 Water Leaders Alum

headshot rabywebKim is an environmental scientist and hydrologist with the small consulting company, Formation Environmental. Kim's expertise includes monitoring and assessing watershed health by using an integrated approach to examine the chemical, physical, biological, and hydrological characteristics of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Specific areas of interest include aquatic habitat and stream restoration, watershed science, sustainable fisheries and aquatic resources, and the impacts of climate change on water resources. A native New Yorker, Kim was drawn to Colorado by its mountains, rivers, and excess of blue skies and sunshine. She enjoys bike rides, gardening, exploring, and solving the New York Times Sunday crossword, and lives in Boulder with her husband and dog.

 kraby (at) formationenv.com

1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218