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Jason Carey

2014 Water Leaders Alumni


Jason Carey, P.E., Principal River Engineer of RiverRestoration, has more than sixteen years of experience in river planning and design. Jason is a leading innovator in the river engineering field, continually developing new solutions and higher function for our rivers. He has managed more than 70 major planning, design and management projects. His insightful approach is based on natural channel function. Jason’s experience encompasses analytical river restoration design, river recreation enhancement, and non-point source pollution prevention control. His skills include geomorphic assessments, wetlands restoration, river stability analysis, biostabilization, sediment transport analysis, floodplain determination, flood damage assessment, reservoir capacity analysis, dam break analysis, hydraulic design of structures in the river environment, design of erosion control measures, design of irrigation canals, hydraulic bridge design, diversion structure design, design of habitat for specific fish species, and whitewater park design. Jason is also providing expert witness testimony for recreational water rights in Colorado. Jason is currently registered as a Professional Engineer in 9 States including Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and California. Jason is Vice President elect of the River Management Society Southwest Chapter.

Jason manages a staff of 5 professionals with a combined 50 years of experience. He frequently organizes and communicates team relationships with major consulting firms throughout North America. Jason also maintains professional relationships with staff at all levels of government from municipal Clerks to Federal Undersecretaries. Visionaries are whom he usually finds affinity. Jason is a Colorado native and was raised with an outdoor ethic that fostered an insight of rivers through skiing, kayaking and fishing. Jason makes his home in Carbondale, Colorado where he and his wife Renee are raising a lovely 7 year old daughter, Ava, and an energetic 4 year old son J.P. Jr.

Jason has always been an entrepreneur, first being called to the Principals office in third grade for selling homemade lollipops on the playground without a license. That did not stop him as he managed a number of property management businesses through high school. College was an afterthought for Jason until he a heard about funding through a NASA Space Consortium grant for the Fort Lewis Physics Department. This marked his short career as a cosmologist and a rocket scientist, with one successful launch at Wallops Island in 1993. Jason completed a Master of Science at the University of Utah in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on snow and an internship with the NRCS snow survey. His first professional position was with FLO Engineering of Breckenridge where he found a mentor in the river engineering field. FLO was aquired by TetraTech and Jason quickly rose in the ranks to be managing projects across the nation for the Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Reclamation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The untimely death of a leader, corporate turmoil, and Federal resources focused on a war in Iraq found Jason laid off in 2004. Suddenly directionless, relationships that Jason had built in the field with 4 powerful water leaders came to the rescue and seeded what is now RiverRestoration.


1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218