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Erik Anglund

Erik Anglund is a farm kid from northern Colorado who has been around water rights challenges and water court activities since his childhood.  His first water memory involves standing at the fence with his father fighting with neighbors over ditch water for the farm.  After working as a plumber’s apprentice in the summers through high school and college, Erik received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, M.S. in Agricultural Engineering, M.S. in Organizational Leadership, and his P.E. license in Civil Engineering.

2015 Water Leaders Alumni

In previous positions, Erik had the chance to work on substitute water supply plans, augmentation plans, engineering for the Kansas-Colorado Arkansas River and Kansas-Nebraska-Colorado Republican River water court cases, and was a certified well tester in Water Division 2.  Erik also had responsibilities for municipal water supply planning, water quality monitoring and reporting, water conservation programs, and water rates analyses. 

At Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Erik is involved in the company’s many Colorado operations that rely on water including construction, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, production, disposal and recycle.  Erik is also supporting a strategic full water lifecycle analysis for both local and companywide operations.  Erik enjoys continuing to work in the field of water while learning about the energy industry with international activities and global economic implications.

When Erik is not advocating for the industry, or negotiating and partnering with regional water providers, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children as they explore the Colorado outdoors or help out on the family farms.  In his spare time, he loves working on any project that requires using tools or operating big equipment. 

1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218