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Matt Bond

2015 Water Leaders Alumni

Professionally, I’m the Youth Education Program manager for Denver Water. I’ve worked at the utility for over 20 years, starting first installing and repairing water mains as a summer-temporary employee. After a couple of summers during college, I realized I wanted to work at the utility full time. I was hired on as a meter reader, but quickly moved back to the distribution operations side of Denver Water. Thank goodness because I’d had enough of being chased by dogs, and looking for meter pits under piles of snow.

I stayed in operations for 11 years working in every group in the section. Water distribution can be tremendously rewarding because you make a difference in your community every day. That said, it’s not the most creative work in the world. It also means that you’re likely to work weekends, holidays and in the middle of the night. That gets old, particularly when you have a young family. I went back to school, finished my degree in English- Writing at the University of Colorado at Denver. Then, after a stint as an assistant supervisor in Emergency Services on the graveyard shift, I bid on a position in Public Affairs. One of the duties I inherited in the community relations position was a fledgling youth education program. Over time, that program has grown to the extent that it’s now almost all I do—and I love it.

At home, I’m the proud father of two beautiful daughters and the lucky husband of a stunning and brilliant wife. 

1750 Humboldt Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218