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Watermarks--Letter from the Editor

Putting out a publication is a sort of relay race.

The editorial committee works out the story budget, then hands it off to the editor who assigns stories to writers. The writers research, interview sources and compose, then send their stories back to the editor. After the editing and fact checking, it goes to the designer, then the printer and out to readers. Race over. Until the next issue.

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Navigating the Adventure

By Peter Roessman

The Arkansas River is unique among Colorado's storied waterways, a recreational asset that has no peer. More people make pilgrimages to touch the Arkansas than any other water body in the state.

How this developed is a tale of ecology and technology, plan and fate, human nature and luck, with a cast of characters who made it all happen by working together.

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Fountain Creek

By Karla Demmler

Just think of Fountain Creek as a wayward adolescent—unkempt, prone to outbursts, and struggling to fill rising expectations.

Once a little creek that dried up in the summer, Fountain Creek now is a critical waterway connecting the rapidly urbanizing communities of Pueblo and Colorado Springs. But development is taking its toll. Raw sewage spills and floods drew a pair of federal lawsuits, along with state fines and the ire of Colorado Springs' downstream neighbors. Poor water quality continues to hound the creek. In a 2006 survey conducted by The Osprey Group, more than two-thirds of the respondents felt Fountain Creek's conditions were worsening.

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Bacteria, mineral add to creek's problems

Fountain Creek above U.S. Highway 47 is on the state's list of most polluted waterway for elevated levels of E. coli, and in some segments, selenium.

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'A Really Good Model'

By Lisa Everitt

Faced with competing needs and priorities for the same stretch of the Arkansas River, six agencies took a unique approach three years ago.

They cooperated.

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Small Town Dreams

By Lori Ozzello

‘The economic benefit of this project goes to the very survival of many of the small towns. With the threat of shutdown looming for some water providers due to non-compliance with Health Department standards, there is the possibility of these small municipalities being forced out of existence.’
—from a Nov. 28, 2006 memo to Colorado Water Conservation Board from Bruce Johnson and Mike Serlet, CWCB Water Supply and Finance Section

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Just One Chance

By Lori Ozzello

People in the Lower Arkansas Valley have known for years that Front Range cities and water districts would like to buy up their water.

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Now they know about the Gunnison

More than 60 participants—including water professionals, real estate agents, engineers and the 2007 Water Leaders Course members—toured the Gunnison River Basin June 25 and 26. Members of the Legislative Interim Water Committee also joined the group.

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William Daven Farr: Student of Water and Life

A Remembrance

By Jim Witwer

Flyfisherman, water visionary, banker, lamb and cattle feeder, farmer, rancher, dad, grandfather, great grandfather, friend and mentor to many, WD Farr, 97, died Aug. 14 in his native Greeley.

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