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Water Planning & Distribution

Cover of the Citizen's Guide to Colorado Cliate ChangeThe Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the latest in our Citizen's Guide series: Citizen's Guide to Colorado Climate Change. The Guide was authored by multiple experts in the field, and contains details on current climate change research in Colorado. Now available in our online store or by calling 303-377-4433. All Citizen's Guides can be viewed electronically or purchased through our online store.

Citizen's Guides

Our Citizen's Guides are a series of educational booklets designed to provide Colorado citizens with balanced and accurate information on a variety of subjects related to water resources. The Guides are available to view electronically, but due to copyright restrictions, should not be printed. Hardcopies can be purchased through our online store. Discounts are available as a membership benefit. Click here for membership information.

  • Citizens Guide to Colorado Climate Change
  • Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Law
  • Citizen's Guide to Where Yoru Water Comes From
  • Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Quality Protection
  • Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Water History
  • Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Conservation
  • Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Environmental Era
  • Citizen's Guide to Denver Basin Groundwater

Water Origin Resources

The Citizen's Guide to Where your Water Comes From explains how weather patterns and aquifers supply the water we use. Learn more about the intricate distribution systems Coloradans have developed to deliver water to our farms and cities.  Flip through the online version or purchase a copy.

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The Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Transbasin Diversions highlights the history, costs and benefits of these controversial water projects, from both an historic and current point of view. Flip through the online version or purchase a copy.

Transbasin Diversions


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