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The network will build the capacity of local water educators and increase the amount, quality and effectiveness of water education in Colorado

Specialized Training

Network members take advantage of trainings and webinars on topics including: water festivals, working in schools, evaluation and more

Networking and Convening Forum

Twice a year, network members come together in forum. This statewide group will discuss needs, successes, challenges and form new partnerships

Program Review

Read about the goals and first year accomplishments of the Water Educator Networking through the 2014-2015 Program Review

What is the network?

Network members benefit from tools, trainings, events, communications and more. Interested? Read about the Water Educator Network's goals, actions, members and accomplishments through this report that examines the Network's first year.



Upcoming Events

Join water educators across the state for upcoming events:

The Water Educator Network has coordinated and partnered with others to offer numerous events and trainings scheduled for this summer and fall. Registration for all July, August and September workshops is now open.

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Become a member to connect with your community, gain access to trainings and experts, search and contribute to an online resource directory, receive specialized communications just for educators and more. Click here to join today.



Learn & Connect with Your Community!

We're improving the understanding of Colorado water issues by increasing the amount, quality and effectiveness of water education. Local water educators will thrive with tools, trainings and collaborations that are relevant to their work, easily accessible and simple to implement. Learn more about the network's goals here.

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