Thursday, May 05, 2016
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Water Conservation

Water Conservation Fact Sheets

This series of water conservation fact sheets was developed by green industry experts who know horticulture and proper water management, and who know that drought conditions in Colorado are a constant. Read through, download and distribute the following fact sheets to learn what to plant and how to water efficiently.  

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Help Your Yard Survive the Drought

You can keep your yard healthy during a drought and still conserve water. Read these easy and practical tips to help your yard survive.





Xeriscape Is Not a Garden, It's a System

Xeriscape is more than planting low-water plants and landscaping with rocks, it's an entire system of principles that reduces water needs. Learn here how to approach Xeriscape as an entire system




How Your Sprinkler System Can Save Water and Money

These simple guidelines can help you apply the right amount of water to your yard at the right time. Learn to use water wisely every year.





When and How to Water Your Yard

Learn how to check soil moisture and other good tips on watering your yard wisely, whether or not you're under drought restriction.





Water Conserving Tips for HOAs and Large Commercial Properties

There are many challenges for HOAs and other large properties during a drought, but these can be reduced by following proven maintenance guidelines, using technology to irrigate more efficiently and integrating Xeriscape techniques. Take a look at these suggestions.