Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Definition of Fluent Water:

1. a: Capable of understanding and using the language of water easily and accurately <Speak fluent water>
    b: Having or showing mastery in the subject of water to the level of making well-informed decisions

2. a: The Colorado's Foundation for Water Education's goal, that all Coloradans have the resources and informationthey need to make decisions on and communicate about water

3. a: Capable of flowing, with ease, like water


Colorado needs to make informed decisions about water. Help Colorado speak fluent water.

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Through your donations, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education is able to provide unbiased purposeful educational programming such as tours, publications, reference materials, online learning, hand-on trainings, workshops, conferences, leadership development programs and other interactive dialogues to people across Colorado. We can't do it without you. Help support water education today!

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