Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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2017 President's Reception!



Tickets are now available
Friday May 12 - 6 PM
Denver Art Museum

Award Recipients:
Eric Kuhn, Colorado River District
Diane Hoppe Leadership Award

Drew Beckwith, Western Resource Advocates
Emerging Leader Award

Headwaters Safe Water

HW WINTER 16cover

Explore the link between safe water and public health. This issue looks at the law and policy governing safe drinking water; monitoring and evaluating the health risks of as-yet-unregulated contaminants; rural water challenges; and considerations in pursuing increased water reuse. Browse articles and find a flipbook of the magazine here 

Connecting the Drops

connectingdropslogo4.1Bringing you the reporting you crave over the radio airways with extras and archives on our website. Visit the audio archives or listen to the latest story on fluoridated water and public health:  FINAL-ConnectingDrops-Flouride.mp3&autostart=0&autoreplay=0&showtime=1" />

COREY THIEL Fluoride Testingweb

Colorado Foundation for Water Education

Register for Water Fluency 2017

Registration is now open the 2017 Water Fluency course on Colorado's West Slope. This unique educational experience will increase your water fluency so you can better analyze water's influence on the issues you deal with every day and evaluate creative solutions. Become immersed in the language and concepts of water as well as tools for navigating the culture, complexity and future of water management and policy issues. Learn more, review the course schedule and agenda, and find registration information here.


Webinar: Cyanotoxins, nutrients and public health

Expand your knowledge of water and public health by signing up to join the Colorado Foundation for Water Education in partnership with the Colorado Water Congress for a free webinar on cyanotoxins and algal blooms—how they're affected by nutrients and nonpoint source pollution, and how Coloradans in rural and urban areas alike are working to address threats to our water quality and public health. Sign up here to join us at 9:00 a.m. on April 13. 

Read more: Webinar: Cyanotoxins, nutrients and public health


Water Educator Network Upcoming Events

Learn and connect with your community with the Water Educator Network!

water ed network enewsheader

The network has events scheduled throughout spring and summer 2017. Learn more about and join the network here, or check out these events:


Urban Water Cycle Bike Tours

group bike tour

On June 6 and 7, get on your bicycle and join us for a half day bike tour. Offered in partnership by the Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association, Colorado Stormwater Council and CFWE, with support from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, we'll pedal along the South Platte River from Johnson Habitat Park to Riverside Cemetery to discover how groups are reclaiming, using and protecting urban waterways. We'll see first-hand water quality improvement projects, learn about stormwater monitoring, history, recreation along the creek, community education, and long-term watershed and urban planning efforts including the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative. Registration is free but required and is coming soon.

Read more: Urban Water Cycle Bike Tours


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